The magazine really does capture what's going on in the borough in terms of regeneration and development. From our public squares and parks through to the Aylesbury Estate, Camberwell and Nunhead, it's all in the magazine and I want to thank the people who have produced it.

Councillor Peter John
Southwark Council

It's about improving the lives of people who live, work and travel through Southwark. Here we are in the 10th year of producing the magazine and we're not stopping there. The next one will be produced in January and the one after that will be here in July [2014].

Eleanor Kelly
Chief executive
Southwark Council

It's important for us to be involved in a magazine that promotes all the different things going on within the borough and helps bring excitement and interest into it.

We sponsor the magazine because we think it's an excellent way of setting out what's happening in the borough. We find them useful to understand what's going on; it's the kind of thing that's passed around the office and given weight and credence.

We think it's important that we should be in there, shouting about all the things L&Q is doing in the borough.

Adam Simpson
Assistant director for regeneration and equity

Southwark magazine is important to us in order to get ourselves out there. We’re very excited about the opportunities the borough has to offer.

Sophie Hoskin
Land and planning manager
Telford Homes